Credit Investigation Service

Business credit investigation helps corporates mitigate or prevent credit risks emerging in the transaction process due to information imbalance. Understanding transaction partner's credit information including registration data, business operations and social reputation provides basic knowledge for corporates in selecting reliable transaction partners and modes to ensure that business activities are smoothly conducted. Alpha & Leader has established strategic partnership with Alpha Analytics Limited to apply cutting-edge technologies to professional credit analysis. Alpha & Leader provides a number of reports to meet diverse needs of clients, including Standard Credit Report, In-depth Investigation Report, Trends Ratio Analysis (TRA), QNA Report, Payment Record Report, Litigation Record Report, etc.

QNA Report

Supported by Internet information technology, QNA Report is a more cost-effective and time-saving solution. It provides information and data about subject companies (e.g. business condition, negative records, development trends). Our experts in credit management through using core technologies created one of the most accurate credit scoring and rating model that is available in the market. Our methodology and techniques are able to generate valuable reference for corporates to determine the most practical credit lines and terms for their customers.

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