Due Diligence Service

Separation of credit approving function with relationship management has been an important requirement issued by the State Government to prevent financial risks. Nevertheless, it is not fully practiced in the business world, especially when it comes to pre-lending credit investigation, while the involvement of professional intermediaries into pre-lending credit investigation is increasingly accepted as an institutional innovation. Having a professional credit investigation team and advanced credit analysis technologies, Alpha & Leader is able to carry out due diligence on creditor's transaction partners. With offices and branches in major regions of China, we are dedicated to providing financial institutions like banks with efficient and professional due diligence services. Our due diligence services include investigation into receivables financing (RS), supply chain financing (SCF), credit standing, logistics, trade authenticity, etc.

Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) Service

Businesses have tended to adopt an asset-light business strategy to cope with today's volatile commercial environment. A large number of successful companies have chosen to rely on vendors for essential raw materials supply and production of proprietary products. This transformation has made characterizing dependable vendors and application of Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) an indispensable task.

Initiating Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) is crucial in VRM instigation. We evaluate and validate vendors' performances through on-site investigation in corporate governance, turnaround capacity, ethical practices, physical securities, insurance protection, human resources management and other welfare related issues. Vendors are being scrutinized to uncover hidden potential risks. Clients are provided with references for selection of the most appropriate collaboration models. Adopting the use of VDD is an imperative factor that helps strengthen vendor relationship as well as establishes core influence in corporate development strategy.


(1) Proficient: Alpha & Leader began to offer professional due diligence services since early 1990s. Over the years, we have completed thousands of due diligence assignments for Chinese Fortune 500 companies. We have also fulfilled over one hundred thousand of other report assignments in credit investigation and KYC. Through these years we have gradually established a prudent yet efficient workflow procedure in our operations.

(2) Multi-dimensional: We conduct direct field investigation and interact with employees amongst the hierarchy to acquire insight into its overall condition. We conduct lateral investigation and visit entities and government units in the vicinity of identified location(s). The application of multiple techniques helps expose the true nature of subject company.

(3) Efficient and High-quality: We alter the focus of each VDD according to actual needs of clients. Pre-design template and monitoring parameters are both adjustable prior to investigation. Client is opted to have all due diligence fees billed directly to subject company for payment made directly to us.


(1) Third-party involvement ensures the placement of a fair and just Vendor Relationship Management System;

(2) We conduct field investigation to make sure if vendors comply with industrial norms, conventions, laws and moral responsibilities; 

(3) Our validation efforts help improve quality and improve vendors' management awareness;

(4) Third-party validation system to guarantee smooth and long-standing cooperation between clients and vendors.