Legal Services

Legal Services

Alpha & Leader Risks and Assets Management Co. Ltd. has maintained strategic partnership with law firms in China and has been engaged in distressed asset management since 1998. Our attorneys have solid legal knowledge and rich practical experience. We provide litigation and non-litigation legal services related to debt mediation, risk and asset management and creditor's rights and debts, as well as corporate compliance services. Our legal team is committed to helping our clients recover losses to the most extent with minimal costs.

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(1) Arbitration and Litigation

  • Provide pre-litigation analysis on specific case that will help work out the best possible dispute settlement solution including mediation;

  • Handle entire proceedings from first instance, second instance to enforcement of judgment;

  • Keep clients up to date with information and progress until finalizing stage.

(2) External Legal Counsel Service

  • Help clients discover loopholes exist in agreement and other daily legal management;

  • Improve clients' capabilities of credit management and risk control.

(3) Project Service

  • Deliver part or full legal services to satisfy clients' particular needs;

  • Provide legal advice on projects; Represent and/or accompany clients in legal negotiations.