ESG Credit Solution

ESG stands for Environment, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance. These non-financial factors help evaluate the impact of a company's operating and investment activities on the environment and society, as well as its corporate governance performance. Alpha & Leader has developed revolutionary solutions integrating ESG factors and credit management.

Risk Analytics Supplier Intelligence ESG Report

Businesses' sustainable development is closely related to stable relationships with vendors and partners and directly affects business development and investor relations. In today's business environment, there is always a pressing need for businesses to build a "green supply chain" to ensure stability. Such governance relies much on collecting and discovering internal and external ESG performance of vendors and partners.


Alpha & Leader's Risk Analytics Supplier Intelligence ESG Reports apply dynamic due diligence procedures to scrutinize financial data and ESG elements (non-financial information). Field investigation, procedural review, and energy consumption appraisal are applied in each assignment to more comprehensively present vendors' and partners' financial and non-financial performance.  Clients may also customize their ESG criteria to serve different purposes and agendas.

Why is Third-Party Vendor Due Diligence ESG Service necessary?

(1) Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Different jurisdictions have rolled out supporting policies to realize carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.  Businesses are facing challenges in meeting ESG compliance for vendor and partner management.  Third-party professional assistance saves cost and time in meeting the requirements.


(2) Growing Demand for Revolutionary Vendor Management Solutions

Traditional vendor management relies solely on financial data.  Conventional approaches cannot comprehend vendors' and partners' actual performance without integrating ESG performance elements. 


(3) Strategic Business Upgrading

Alpha & Leader's Vendor Due Diligence ESG Service helps upgrade the procurement process of businesses through standardization and digitization the ESG revolution brings.