ESG Credit Solution

ESG stands for Environment, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance. These non-financial factors help evaluate the impact of a company's operating and investment activities on the environment and society, as well as its corporate governance performance. Alpha & Leader has developed revolutionary solutions integrating ESG factors and credit management.

Listed Company Credit Report (ESG Version)

Traditional credit reports derive results primarily relying on financial data. Listed Company Credit Report (ESG Version) derive results relying on financial data and ESG elements (non-financial information). Alpha & Leader's Listed Company Credit Report (ESG Version) is a credit product developed by Alpha & Leade; a cross-over of 30 years of experience in risk management with superior technology. 


(1) We utilize cutting-edge technology in retrieving ESG elements for credit evaluation models.

(2) We maintain comprehensive coverage of ESG elements for listed companies in Mainland China and Hong Kong.

(3) We employed objective-based modeling relative to weighted average algorithms.

Report Preparation Workflows

(1) Placing Orders: Collect necessary data after successful order placement.

(2) Analyzing Demands: Further optimize reports according to each client's specific demands.

(3) Preparing Reports: Engage AI-assisted solutions with professional human analysis.

(4) Quality Control (QC): Provide strict quality control and product review service.