Big Data Risk Control Service

Supported by technologies like business intelligence, online analytical processing (OLAP) tools and data mining, big data risk control service helps clients make wiser risk control decision by extracting valuable information for customers from massive data.


(1) High efficiency: Our service is available 24/7, fully automatic and able to present result in a day;

(2) Peerless database: The service is based on 120 million business data and 25 million businesses' trademarks and patent data owned by Alpha & Leader, together with nearly 1.5 million credit reports and non-litigation collection records over the past two decades;

(3) Diversified sources of data: Some data is sourced from platforms of industrial and commercial authorities, taxation authorities, courts and other government organs. Some data is public and semi-public data on the Internet, third-party data and free data;

(4) Expertise: Alpha & Leader's dedicated risk control service is led by experts in the field, utilizing big data and artificial intelligence technologies to excavate valuable business data and make the ultimate result as accurate as possible.