ESG Credit Solution

ESG stands for Environment, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance. These non-financial factors help evaluate the impact of a company's operating and investment activities on the environment and society, as well as its corporate governance performance. Alpha & Leader has developed revolutionary solutions integrating ESG factors and credit management.

ESG Report

Alpha & Leader's ESG Report is available in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. It's a service that helps listed companies with demands for ESG report preparation and comprehension of disclosure policies and rules. Our final product helps businesses institute an ESG reporting framework that will meet the compliance requirement of regulators and stakeholders.


Alpha & Leader keeps abreast of the latest ESG disclosure policies and standards and conducts industry research regularly. Our team excels in discovering highlights and achievements in clients' ESG governance to improve their competitiveness.


(1) We work with affiliated law firms to upgrade services with legal investigations, fact-finding, risk assessments, ESG analysis, etc.

(2) We conduct ESG analysis and evaluate subject companies' compliance management level and ESG governance performance according to relevant laws and standards.

(3) We are poised to deliver ESG reports on time with branches and offices in major cities in China.

Professional Workflows

(1) Consulting Services: Risk management experts to customize ESG due diligence solutions

(2) Attentive Client Service: One-on-one client servicing specialists to update the latest service progress

(3) Resource Integration: Tailor-made due diligence solutions to acquire targeted ESG data

(4) Value-Added Sharing: Sharing the most up-to-date ESG information to help enhance clients' ESG awareness and performance